Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Parties at Preschool

The Friday before Spring Break, Coleman and Jonathan both had egg hunts and parties at preschool to celebrate Easter. There are a lot of pictures to come! Here are a few of Coleman hunting for eggs in the courtyard. His teacher had numbered the eggs and each child had to find their number only to put in their basket. Coleman was hunting eggs with a 3 on them.

Here's the class after they found all the eggs.

Then they went inside for a yummy lunch. It was so very quiet while they ate! One of the other moms remarked that at her older son's class party it was the same way. We agreed that everyone was tired and ready for spring break!

After Coleman ate, Andrew and I walked down the hall to Jonathan's party. They were eating lunch first and when I walked in, there was Jon Jon, chowing down on his nuggets. He looked up at me and said, "Hi Mommy! We having a PARTY!"

Both boys gave their teachers a lily for Easter. Jonathan sort of shoved his at Ms. Darlene and said, "Happy Easter!"

A little later on, he noticed Anna Grace had her sparkly pink shoes off. He brought one to me and said, "A pwincess!" Then he went over and proceeded to put them both on her feet and buckle them. What a pwince!

When they finally finished eating, we headed out to the playground to hunt eggs.

Coleman's class was outside at the same time on the other side of the playground. He's in the swing next to Ms. Sharon.

I loved this. All three brothers met up at the fence and talked for a bit. Jonathan showed off his eggs and Andrew and Coleman bragged all over him about how many he found.

Then they ate cookies under the tree and we called that egg hunt done.

We loaded everyone up and started our long awaited Spring Break!

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