Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Easter 2007

Andrew's second Easter found us in Winston-Salem, expecting baby number 2! I can't remember if this was when we thought Coleman would be a girl or not. Anyway, you can see from the pictures that he is on the way! It was very cold that Easter morning. We wound up wearing coats over our Easter outfits. Andrew wore a light green Strasburg outfit with knee socks and white shoes. He had a little white cardigan that he wore to church too.

Gigi and Papack made the trip to North Carolina for the weekend.

Andrew was fourteen months old, but wasn't walking yet. He would pull up, stand, and cruise around though. Here he is with his basket while lunch was getting ready. He got some Inchbug name things for his sippy cups, a Clifford book, a watering can, a PraiseBaby DVD, and some Reese's eggs.

We had a bunny cake for dessert. That's why Andrew is in his onesie. I didn't want him to eat cake and get it all over his sweet outfit.

We had a sweet Easter in that little house. In fact, I think most all of my memories of that little house are sweet.

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