Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coleman's Prayer

I do not intend for this to become a regular post topic around here, but again tonight, Coleman brought tears to my eyes. I have been under the weather for the last 48 hours. Yesterday I ran a fever all day long and today my energy has been totally gone. Headaches, achy everything, general yuckiness. The two bigger boys have been very helpful today, mostly, and have pitched in a good bit.

Tonight at bedtime, I went in to kiss them goodnight and then Brent was going to put them to bed and say prayers with them. Coleman wanted me to sit down on his bed while he prayed for me to feel better. He prayed, "Dear Jesus, I don't want Mommy to be sick. Please help Mommy not to be sick." Then, reaching up and rubbing my head ever so gently, he added, "And please help her not to have anymore headaches. Amen Jesus."

With tears in my eyes I kissed my sweet four year old goodnight. I'm feeling much better already.

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