Thursday, April 5, 2012

Foolin' Around

Andrew has become a lover of joke and pranks, so it should be no surprise that he was really looking forward to April Fool's Day this year. Way back before Christmas, he came up with a prank that he could not wait to pull on his daddy. Somehow, he managed to keep from spilling the beans before we could pull it off. Here's how it went down Sunday morning. And remember, this was Andrew's idea. I just helped with the execution a bit.

On Sunday morning, we have quite the routine around here. I get up first, get ready and begin breakfast. We eat and then get the boys dressed and ready. After they are clothed and shod, Brent and I finish up. Then, while everyone loads up, Brent fixes his two cups of coffee. He drinks one on the way to church, and one during Sunday School. So while Brent was getting ready for church, I switched the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt. I put away all the evidence and Brent was none the wiser.

Meanwhile, I kept reminding Andrew not to even mention to Brent that it was April Fool's or he might figure out we were up to something. I also told him it might be a good idea not to tell his brothers or they might accidentally ruin the surprise. Well, Andrew could not help himself and told Coleman. I found out later that Coleman and Andrew both kept sending Brent hints about his coffee, but fortunately the surprise wasn't spoiled.

So we loaded up and Brent fixed his coffee cups. Normally, he doesn't drink any until we are on the road. Knowing how bad it would be if he didn't have a chance to fix his coffee correctly, I told him he might want to taste his coffee before we drove off. After what seemed like forever, Brent sat down in the car and picked up his mug. If there had been a way to pull it off, I would have videoed it, but I knew that wasn't possible. So he took his first big gulp and made all kinds of sputtering, choking, coughing noises. His groans of disgust were drowned out only by the cackling of the six year old in the back seat. It was hilarious!

Brent was a really good sport, and Andrew will probably count this as his biggest triumph to date. The coffee was thrown out and replaced and we were off to church. Where Andrew proceeded to proudly tell everyone how he fooled his dad.

The only thing that is worrying me is Brent's statement that we need a new family tradition next year of tricking Mommy!

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