Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Delayed Gratification

Andrew and Coleman have both been bitten by the LEGO bug. Those two absolutely love building and creating with those tiny bricks. We have accumulated a bunch of bricks over the last year, mostly coming from small sets or a tub of bricks. They received several sets of bricks for Christmas, and have loved playing with them. A couple of days after Christmas, they decided they wanted to get the LEGO City Fire Station.

If you've never lived with a legomaniac, you might not realize how expensive these little bricks can be! The fire station set is a big set with a big price. Eighty dollars! I told them that was a lot of money for LEGOs, but if they wanted to save up their money, I would take them to the LEGO store to get it when they had saved enough. I still cannot get over how diligently they saved for those blocks. They kept every dollar they were given, every penny they found, and counted every so often to see how they were progressing. They would look at the set online and imagine how they would play with it and how much fun it would be when they got it.

So the week before Spring Break, I got out their wallets and counted their savings again. They had a good bit over their goal, so I told them that on Monday morning, we would head to the LEGO store. They were so excited! When we got there, they found the kit and then looked around for a bit. They had some extra money and so they each got to choose one additional LEGO toy to buy. Here they are each handing their money over to the cashier.

And here they are with their purchase outside the store. I told Brent that for our family the phrase 'kids in a candy store' should be changed to 'kids in a LEGO store.' They were in heaven in that place!
We came home and started assembling right away during Jonathan's nap. Here they are the next night working on the last of the three fire trucks that came with the set.

And here they are with the entire thing set up just the way they imagined it.

They are already saving for their next big set. I think they've decided on the LEGO City Police Station. Or maybe it was the airport. No, wait, I think they said the forest police station. By the time they make up their minds, they'll probably have saved enough to go get it!

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Tina said...

I totally understand! I have a Legomaniac here! I was so excited a couple of weeks ago at co-op. A family there was selling their Legos for $5 per gallon sized bag. We purchased 2 bags! The kids sat there forever hand picking each and every Lego. It was big fun. Just yesterday I was picking up various Lego pieces off the floor for like the thousandth time and was wondering if other Lego families have this problem. There are ALWAYS pieces everywhere!!!