Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

Saturday we headed to Nana and Pop-O's for our annual Easter event. When we got there, the cousins enjoyed playing together on the swing set for a while. Amelia and Lily cracked me up when Jonathan got out of the car. The girls each commented on Jonathan's growth since Christmas. Amelia said, "When did Jon Jon get to be a big boy?" I know Amelia. I ask myself that all the time.

Nana had been praying for good weather for months due to a surprise she had planned. She wouldn't tell what it was though. The kids were super excited when a petting zoo was set up outside!
This is about as close as Jonathan would get to the animals. He wasn't too sure about all those furry and feathered things walking around. He preferred to be outside the fence most of the time.But Coleman and Andrew loved it! They stayed in with the animals the whole hour they were there. Coleman especially showed a side of himself that we don't get to see very often. He was super tender and gentle with all the animals. I think the pictures capture that really well.

The first things they got close to were the bunnies. They were both a little apprehensive about holding them since they could scratch with their hind legs when they kicked. But both were brave and eventually held one.

Andrew made his hometown very proud by taking to the chicken and rooster that were in attendance. (If you don't know, Gainesville is known for being the Poultry Capital of the World. We even have a monument to the chicken just off the square in town.) He got really good at holding the chicken.

Here's Jonathan in the swing. He was much happier running around and playing while the animals were there.

When the girl got out the feed, Coleman made sure every animal got a treat from him. Even the pig.

Even Daddy couldn't resist the sweet little bunnies.

Yep. Those are Gainesville boys for sure!

Granny and Grandaddy came down for lunch. Grandaddy had just gotten out of the hospital, so we were all glad to see them, but understood when they left soon after we ate.

We had a picnic lunch on the patio.

And then after what was supposed to be naptime, they hunted eggs.

We headed home after supper, happily exhausted. We had to be at church very early the next morning (we left home at 7:15am), so I only grabbed one shot before we left. Coleman could not find his new Nerf gun, so he would not smile. Andrew and Coleman each wore seersucker pants, vests, and their first pairs of Weejuns. I doubt very much there have ever been children as excited as those two about wearing their penny loafers. We bought them two weeks ago, and I kid you not, they have asked every single day if they could wear them. Jonathan wore the Eton suit with knee socks and saddleoxfords.

Our church service was probably the best Easter celebration I have ever been to. It truly was a celebration of our freedom in Christ through the resurrection. We are so very thankful for our church family. I took the camera to church and asked a friend to grab a picture of us together before we left.

We came home and while we fixed lunch, the boys enjoyed their Easter baskets.

I took Jonathan outside to grab a couple of shots of him dressed up. He absolutely loved his suit. When he took his nap, he would not agree to taking off his "dacket", so I let him sleep in it. He cried and cried that afternoon when I took it off so he could put on playclothes and play outside.

Gigi and Papack came up for supper. We had ham, macaroni and cheese, broccoli salad, five cup salad, and rolls with a yummy strawberry pie for dessert. Sadly, I didn't remember to make any pictures of all that. The boys had fun playing outside with them, and then we headed in and to bed. It was a great Easter.

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