Friday, April 6, 2012

Flashback Friday: Easter 2006

Way back in April of 2006, when our quiver only held one arrow, I hadn't started the blog yet. I used to send out Kodak albums to our family to show what we'd been up to each month. I don't want those early memories to be forgotten, so here's a look at Andrew's first Easter. We didn't take as many pictures back then as we do now (seems backwards doesn't it), so there are several shots I don't have that I wish I did.

We traveled from Birmingham over to Morrow and McDonough for the weekend. We started off Saturday morning at Gigi and Papack's church for the children's Easter egg hunt. Andrew didn't hunt any eggs, but he did get to meet my "first friend" Shannon and her sweet family. Here are Shannon and I with our two boys. She's holding Andrew and I'm holding her Wyatt.

And here we are with our moms.

And our families together.

I wanted a picture of Andrew with all the Easter lillies inside the sanctuary. So Brent sat down and we made a photo. I don't know why in the world I didn't get in the picture and someone else take it. It's funny how we didn't think of stuff that seems so obvious now.

Gigi and Papack fixed a cute little Easter bucket for Andrew. He had on a sweet little Easter onesie, but he was our big spitter-upper, so he wore a bib all the time.

Here he is on Easter morning at Nana and Pop-O's. Once again, his sweet Feltman brothers outfit is covered up with a HUGE bib. His outfit was a little shortall that was light blue with a little train across the chest. He had a collared white shirt under it. So sweet.

Here he is with Nana and Pop-O. You can see his outfit a little better here. We got brave and took the bib off for a few quick pictures. But also notice the abundance of burp cloths in easy reach. He wasn't very smiley that morning. I think he was taking in all the excitement.

In his Easter basket he got a nightlight for his room, a turtle bathtub toy, a new bib, and a couple of Reese's eggs. Because what is an Easter basket without a Reese's egg? He did have some help eating those. What a happy Easter it was celebrating the Resurrection with our precious baby boy.

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