Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Break

 Spring Break started off with an egg hunt at Jaemor Farms.  This was their first year to host a community egg hunt, and our church helped out.  If it looks like there were a kajillion people there, that's because there were.  I kind of hope we go back to our church only next year.  I know.  I'm such a humbug. 

 Andrew was campaigning for someone running for something we don't even know.  They slapped a sticker on him before we realized it.  Hope she's a nice person!

 Jonathan was not too enthused about the whole thing.  It was at 2:00 on Sunday after church.  Prime naptime at our house.  So he was tired, it was hot, and he was competing with adults for eggs.  Seriously.  The kids were grouped according to age, and he was in the 2 and under area.  I cannot tell you how many adults I saw running ahead of the toddler crowd, scooping up 16 eggs and carrying them back to their child's basket.  Humbug.

 Monday of Spring Break we visited the Lego store and got our zoo tickets.  Tuesday we went to the zoo.  The rest of the week was pretty low key.  Whenever we have a break from school, I ask the boys to choose one special thing they would like to do during the break.  Coleman wanted to go to the mall and get a cookie.  So we did.

Andrew wanted to get a milkshake from Chick-fil-A.  So we did.

The rest of the week was nice and relaxing at home without a schedule.  We were in such need of some down time, and it was great to finally get it.  

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