Thursday, June 2, 2011

Preschool Mementos

One of my favorite things about our preschool is the scrapbook each child brings home at the end of the year. The teachers send home artwork and projects throughout the year, but they keep the best and most revealing pieces for the portfolios. It is fabulous not to have to come up with a storage system for their work and try to select best pieces myself. The binders are filled with plastic sleeves of art and photos to keep them protected.

Andrew and Coleman have really enjoyed looking back through their books this week and seeing all their pieces. Coleman's book is all artwork and photo pages from the year.

Andrew's book has art and photos too, but also included is his Weekly Journal. I loved seeing this in his portfolio at the Mother's Day breakfast, but it made me so emotional I couldn't look at it just then. The progress that is documented on those simple white pages is astounding. I had done this with countless other children during my professional career, but I could not have anticipated how I would feel seeing my own child's journal. Such a treasure.

Another memento from the year was Andrew's class cookbook.

In April we had to send in our child's favorite recipe. Andrew chose Cream Cheese Danish. Ms. Stephanie compiled all the recipes into this book for each family. However, she also included the child's version of the recipe. She had each student tell her how to make the recipe they had brought from home. Then she typed it up and included it in the book, along with the actual recipe. Here is Andrew's version of Cream Cheese Danish:

"Put maybe cheddar cheese and add danish.
Add 10 drops of sugar.
Bake it in the oven hot. . . 1000 degrees for 17 minutes.
Then eat it. I love it!!"

I think this post wraps up our school year. Next up, the tee ball finale, preschool choir, and another visit from the Tooth Fairy! Fun days around here!

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