Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Andrew's preschool graduation was the last Friday of school. He was so excited, and it was a very special day. The 'graduates' were to wear khaki shorts or pants or skirts and they would be given a special tee shirt at school. The ceremony started at 11:00 and then we had a fun lunch afterwards.

Here is our boy waving from his place at the front of the sanctuary. All the classes filed in to "Pomp and Circumstance" and then stood together at the front of the church to sing some songs for us.
Andrew has hit the age where he thinks most hand motions to songs are silly. For the first few songs, he stood still while everyone else did the motions. He sang very well, just stood still.

Then a few songs into the performance, he warmed up and started doing the motions with everyone else. I was glad he got to stand next to Hannah one last time. They sang several in English and Spanish, but we were all shocked when they started singing in French!

After the songs were over, the classes sat down while Mrs. Joyce made a few remarks. Then the classes went to the stage and waited for their names to be called individually. Each grad walked across the stage and got a hug from their teacher. When Andrew got to Ms. Stephanie, he threw his arms around her. There was a collective, "Awwww," from the congregation.

pointing to his family and smiling for a picture

After the ceremony, we went outside for a few pictures with the family. Coleman was in his class that morning, and Jonathan was asleep on someone's shoulder during the pictures.

Andrew and Ms. Joyce, the principal

another shot with Ms. Stephanie

Ms. JoAnn, the secretary, and Mrs. Louise, his handwriting teacher

Lunch was served in the activities center and there was a piratey theme. We could not believe the decorating and planning that had gone into the luncheon. We had ordered Chick-fil-A lunches ahead of time, but were so surprised at how fun everything looked!

This table had the cakes and cupcakes for dessert.

Captain Fiddlesticks was present to make balloon critters for the graduates. She came to our table first, and Andrew asked for a sword. Then he asked if he could have one for his brother too. It was such a sweet request, and of course she obliged. Coleman was delighted when he received it after lunch.

He even got a few gifts after we ate!

It was such a sweet day. We love our preschool and I'm so thankful for the teachers who love our boys and teach them so well. I cannot imagine a better place for our boys to be. We had so much fun celebrating our first graduation.

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