Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coleman's End of School Party

The last day of school was Coleman's party. I was the party mommy this time, so Jonathan and I packed up some fun and headed to school. Jon Jon thought he was quite the big boy playing in Ms. Christel's room while we waited for the class to come back from the playground.

We had pizza for lunch with grapes and capri-sun lemonade. They had a Bomb Pop for dessert. Party favors were bubbles, summer sunglasses, and a few packs of candy. Everyone also got a punching balloon! Coleman was about to bust with excitement when they walked in. You would have thought it was his birthday party he was coming to!

Jon Jon sat in a chair just like the big kids and ate his pizza like a big boy.

Ms. Christel gave the kids each a stuffed animal as an end of the year present. Coleman got an alligator!
What a great year he has had! We loved seeing his artwork, hearing him sing in Spanish, and hearing what he did each day at school. This was a great start to preschool for Coleman!

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