Friday, May 27, 2011

Reflections on the Season

Tomorrow is Andrew's last t-ball game for this season. I'll post about the festivities later, but here are some things I have wanted to post about his first spring in the field.

I am surprised at how very much I love our family time at the ballfield. Brent is in the dugout managing boys, bats, behavior, and helmets. He cheers for each player, but of course his loudest cheers are for #10. Also, he spends time reminding a certain player to keep his head in the game and his glove out of his mouth. My time is spent managing the rest of the Quiver. I watch carefully while Andrew bats, and I try to watch his turns in the field, but sometimes I find my attention divided.

So here are the things from our first season that I do not want to forget.

I have loved how other men have encouraged our boy to do his best, and celebrated with him after a great hit or play in the field. Coach Mitch will always have a special place in our memories.

Coach Jeff giving Andrew fist bumps at first base after a great hit.

How when he is into the game, he cannot be distracted.

The excitement of the coach's cap being passed around with that bubble gum that loses its flavor before you get it soft enough to chew.

Coleman's fun at the "snack store" choosing his treat for each game.

How Andrew called every boy on his team "Ford" for a few weeks until he finally learned who Ford actually was.

The way our band of parents hopes we can all be on the same team from now on and let Mitch coach our boys permanently.

The way they all line up at the end of the game to high five the other team.

How Coleman cheered for Andrew and encouraged him during the games.

Seeing my oldest do all these big boy things for the first time and realizing that before we know it
little league will be behind us so we better soak it all up while we can.

Jonathan and Coleman have had fun this season as well. These were some funny pictures I got at one game. Coleman had chosen a sucker for his treat that night, and Jonathan was very curious about what he might be missing out on.

This just happened to be the game Nana and Pop-O came to, so you'll see that he didn't have to wait long before a grandparent took pity on the baby (or maybe Coleman) and got him his own sucker.

Tomorrow is sure to bring more fun, so I'll post about it next week.

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