Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

What a sweet Mother's Day I had this year. The weekend started off with a Mother's Coffee at Andrew's school on Friday morning. Nana and Pop-O were here and kept Jonathan so I could attend. Andrew was beyond excited to be cooking breakfast for me. I told him I thought Ms. Stephanie probably would have it cooked when we got there, but that I bet she had a special way for him to help. He seemed okay with that.

We arrived to a pretty table set up in the hall with juice and coffee. Then, we were seated at our child's table. Waiting for us was a plethora of gifts! We had a sweet basil plant they had grown from seed, a card, a placemat, a recipe book, and their end of the year scrapbook. As I looked through his scrapbook I got quite teary (I know. I know. Shocker.) thinking about how far he has come just this year. I know how much work those kinds of keepsakes are for teachers, and we will treasure our books always. I'll show more pictures of his book and journal in another post with Coleman's book too.

While I was looking at my card, I saw Andrew out of the corner of my eye bringing me my plate with the biggest smile he may have ever smiled. He was so proud. We had blueberry muffins, strawberries, grapes and cantaloupe. It was delicious! There were two muffins, so I told Andrew he could have one. He wanted to be sure that was alright, so he dashed over to Ms. Stephanie and asked if it was okay. She said sure, so he came right back and enjoyed his muffin. Then he said, "Hey Mommy. I see you have two strawberries there too." So of course I shared a berry with my boy. Here's a picture Ms. Stephanie took of the two of us.

Here are the rest of my gifts. The placemat is in back in blue and he wrote his first "I love you" on it. Coleman made me a sweet flowerpot magnet with his picture on it and his Sunday School teachers helped him make that little green frame with his picture. It is a GREAT picture of Coleman. Brent also helped the boys secure me a massage at a spa on Green Street!

Here's Andrew's card he made me. It has those funny questions inside, but since the pic is sideways, I don't know if you can read it. He said I am 76 and his dad is 77. Oil of Olay anyone? He also said my favorite place to go is the grocery store. My favorite foods are collards and carrots. I am good at cooking. He noted that his mommy likes to work and talk and give kisses to him. And his favorite thing to do with me is have a special day just the two of us.

That card was a big improvement over last year's interview where he told Ms. Sharon that something his mommy liked to do was give him spankings. It seems we've had a better year.

Here is Coleman's sweet card. Ms. Christel had his magnet and card wrapped in his backpack Friday and when I picked him up he couldn't wait for me to open it. So we stopped in the hall outside his room and I opened my gift. He can be so precious and loving, and he was just oozing with tenderness that day. While I was still opening it, he snuggled in to me and said, "I just love you Mommy."

Here is the cookbook from Andrew. I'll post more about it later. Hilarious I tell you!

And then Brent helped them make this card for me for Sunday.

I can't get these turned the right way, but each boy drew a picture for me. They worked for a long time on it. Andrew's picture has all five of us in it. He drew Coleman as a snowman.

Coleman's picture is upside down, but he drew grass, a sun, and clouds for me.

And then an "unknown artist" drew a family portrait and helped everyone sign their names.

After church we ate at Moe's and then everyone napped. It was a great day! I am so very thankful to be mommy to these boys. The days are not always easy, but I know I am right where I am supposed to be, doing what I was made to do. I'll close with a paraphrase of Hannah's precious words.

"For these boys I have prayed, and the LORD has granted what I asked of Him."
1 Samuel 1:27

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