Monday, May 2, 2011

Introducing Snaggletooth

How is it that he just got those teeth yesterday,

and now they are falling out?

Last Thursday morning, Andrew said, out of the clear blue sky, "I think my tooth is loose." I couldn't believe it and so I took a look for myself. Sure enough, the bottom front right side tooth, the first one he ever got, was loose. I figured it would take several days and lots of convincing for it to finally be pulled. Because who loses their first tooth the very same day they realize it's loose? Apparently Andrew does.

That night, while I was on an errand, he just went in the bathroom and pulled it all by himself. Came walking out and showed it to Brent. Fortunately, we had a tooth pillow already, so out it came. At bedtime he tucked his tooth in the pillow and went right to sleep, anxious to see what the Tooth Fairy might bring.

The next morning his tooth was gone, and he had "one whole bill dollar!" in it's place.


Tina said...

How exciting!!!!

Shannon S. said...

That is so much fun! Brooke likes to spend her dollar as soon as she gets it, and Wyatt will save his money forever! Wonder what Andrew will do???