Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Reflections

Today Kate Middleton married Prince William of Wales. It's been a somber week around here with the terrible devastation our Tuscaloosa friends are facing from a massive tornado. I was glad for a happy distraction. I'm still processing all this prince and princess stuff as it relates to raising our boys and praying for their wives, but I don't want to forget how this morning unfolded, so here it is.

I very clearly remember watching Princess Diana arriving at the church in the glass coach in 1981. I also remember Sarah Ferguson's train with the letter "A" embroidered on it in beadwork. And I remember getting up one Labor Day weekend to watch Diana's funeral procession. I'm not sure what it is about the pomp and circumstance of these events that draws me in so, but draw me it does.

So I set my alarm for 4:00 AM, and made it out of bed by 4:45. I watched from the sofa as William and his brother Harry arrived at Westminster Abbey. I dozed a bit between his and Kate's arrival, but I did wake in time to see her ride with her father from her hotel to the church. It should surprise no one that I was alone in my viewing of the festivities. I suppose if I had a husband who was jumping out of bed with me, anxious to see the pomp and circumstance and comment on the hats and her dress, I would have reason to worry. Fortunately, this is not the case.

I think two of my favorite moments were centered around the groom. I loved when Wills walked into the Abbey and stood visiting with his family members. Such a normal groom-like thing to do. The best moment of the morning though was when he looked at Kate upon her arrival at the altar and told her she was beautiful. It seems he has turned out much better than his father.

I watched the ceremony alone for the first thirty minutes. Then Jonathan woke up and drank his milk while we watched the rest. Brent came in to eat his cereal and grumble about what-was-the-big-deal-we-don't-even-know-these-people-who-cares-about-this-are-her-parents-footing-the-bill stuff and nonsense.

When the bigger boys woke up, I told them there were a real prince and princess on TV getting married. Coleman didn't say much, but Andrew was interested and full of questions. I explained to him what was going on, and then we watched the couple emerge from the Abbey. I told him my favorite part was the carriage ride to the palace. He asked me about the uniform William was wearing and why he had on gloves.

By this time, I needed to get breakfast started and lunches made. Andrew kept watching and called me when the couple got to the palace. We watched together and I explained a few more things to him. As if he knew what his reaction as a male was supposed to be, he later declared it all, "Ridiculous!"

We ate breakfast, got ready for school, and I let them watch something else for a bit while I got dressed. Then we turned it back on to see them come out on the balcony for their kiss. By this time, Andrew knew which lady was the queen and spotted her quickly. I was putting Jonathan's shoes on as we watched. I noticed Jonathan waving back to the royal family from my lap. His face was beaming.

Coleman was entranced by Princess Kate, and said, "There's Mommy!" Made my YEAR I tell you! After William kissed her, Coleman came over and tried to kiss me right on the mouth several times. I successfully convinced him to kiss my cheek instead. As the couple turned to walk back inside the palace for their reception, Andrew said, "And now they're happily ever after."

And I do hope they are.

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