Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Hunt Number 1

We have several Egg Hunts to attend this year, and our first was yesterday. After church, we ate a hot dog lunch and then headed to the elementary school down the street to find the eggs. I think there must have been 5,000 eggs hidden because they were everywhere and as far as we could see. Jonathan wasn't feeling very good, so he didn't hunt, but he did enjoy toddling around outside and seeing a special visitor.

Here are the "old pros" walking to the hunt.

The children were divided into different areas based on age, so we didn't have to worry about the boys being trampled. When the horn blew, off they went!

This was the first really big egg hunt we've been to. Our other hunts had a specified number of eggs for each child to find, but yesterday the boys could fill their baskets all the way up!

At one point, I showed Coleman where some more eggs were waiting, and he sighed and kind of scrunched up his face. It was like he was thinking, "Good grief! I've been picking these up for hours! When are we going to be fininshed?!"

We don't really do the Easter Bunny thing. I cannot find any meaningful connection to Jesus in that, so this was the first time our boys had really seen an Easter Bunny.

At Christmas, Jonathan did NOT like Santa, so I figured he'd be really unhappy about this giant bunny with a huge head and didn't plan on him having his picture made. But let the record show, that I was wrong on that! Jon Jon spotted the bunny across the playground and made a direct line for him. He was pointing and smiling the whole way. Children were in line waiting for pictures and he walked right up and gave that bunny a big hug! We got in line and when the bunny picked him up, he was beaming.

Two more egg hunts this week, so stay tuned!

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