Friday, May 20, 2011

Andrew's End of School Party

Andrew's preschool class had a great end of the year party! Zoey and Culum's mommies were in charge and had so much fun planned. I walked in to find the tables decorated with Class of 2011 decorations and everyone had their own helium balloon with a graduation cap on it. It was so festive, but I was not expecting the c/o 2011 theme for my little graduate!

They had fun snacks, cookies, bubble wands, noisemakers, and general silliness going on when I arrived. Here's a picture of Andrew and his buddy Culum.

These three were in Ms. Sharon's class together last year. We will miss Hannah and Emelia next year!

After a bit of indoor partying, we went outside and the parents hung a pinata in the tree.

Here's the class, in number order, waiting for a turn with the bat.

They wore a blindfold and everything! Andrew got a really good hit on his turn.

Jonathan was having a lot of fun on the playground, but the sun had made everything very hot to the touch, so he couldn't climb on the equipment.

Finally, after three times through the class without busting the rainbow, Culum's mom opened it and dumped it out for the kids.

It was a really fun day of celebration with our friends. I snapped a few pictures of Jonathan on the playground during the party. Okay, I actually snapped a bunch, but I'm only posting a few.

Hannah's little sister Rebecca was blowing bubbles for him. I don't know who was having the most fun.

Lots more end of the year festivities to come!

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