Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memorial Day

Our neighborhood had a bar-b-que and pool party for Memorial Day. We invited Gigi and Papack to spend the day with us since it was also the anniversary of my 29th birthday. We all had a fun day. Here are the pictures.

The pool got pretty crowded, so we were very glad to have Papack there to help with all the yahoos.
Jim N Nick's catered and boy was it good!

Jonathan was very happily sitting is his stroller, eating his lunch and wiggling to the music, when he spied the cupcake on my plate. He began a squeal-and-point fest until we realized what he was pointing at and handed over the cupcake. The pictures don't do it justice. He had icing all over his chest and tummy and there were crumbs everywhere. He had to make a very unhappy pit stop at the showers before we came home.

After a nice nap, he got up and wanted Papack to read him one of his favorite books.

That night Brent cooked steaks, potatoes, salad and Sister Schubert's for my birthday celebration. We had a German chocolate cake from Green's for dessert. I could tell you it wasn't very good, but the lightning that would hit would certainly burn down the house.

It was a great start to the summer! (I don't know how it started, but now I cannot get the underlining to stop.)

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