Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meanwhile. . .

While Brent and I were away, the yahoos went to Gigi and Papack's. Much fun was had as evidenced by the pictures below.

Popsicles outside were a huge hit with all three boys!

Gigi and Papack have a great backyard for playing in. It's pretty shady and completely fenced in. I know the boys loved all the outside playtime they had. Papack found a neat little pool for them to cool off in. Jonathan felt he should finish mowing the grass first.

Andrew loved getting to water the plants all by himself. Here he is filling up his watering can with the pool water. Much to Coleman's dismay.

One day they wanted to make their sandwiches all by themselves. So Gigi let them. I think this was the day that Coleman had a mustard and ketchup sandwich.

The favorite thing for the bigger boys this time was this cool fort Papack helped them build. Andrew could not stop talking about it, even after we got home.

These two logs were suitable for pretending to be horses.

I don't know what they were doing here, except coloring on some paper in the floor.

Even Jon Jon got to play in the fort.

The last day they had lunch in their fort. I know they loved this as much as Meredith and I used to. It's so fun to see our boys doing some of the same things we did as kids, and loving it just as much.
Thank you Gigi and Papack for letting them come play. We love you very much!

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Tina said...

It's great that the Grands continued your tradition of taking photos. Way to go, Grands!!!