Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Anything You Can Do. . .

I Better Get to Do Too!" That could be Jon Jon's theme song. He seems particularly determined to catch up with his two big brothers. No matter what they are doing, he wants to do it too. If someone is running around without a shirt, be ready to take his off too. He has already started asking for holsters to be put on his tiny hips, rainboots on his feet, and fireman hats on his head. He wants to eat what they eat, say what they say, and do what they do.

One afternoon last week, we had a big thunderstorm towards the beginning of naptime. It woke everyone up. It was way too early to be up and about, but I knew no one was going back to sleep. So I sent the big boys upstairs to get their sleeping bags and a pillow. They came down and we spread them out in the living room and I turned on a movie.

When Jonathan saw the sleeping bags, he started stomping his feet and pointing and squealing at them. Since we don't have a sleeping bag for him yet, I had to improvise and fast. I got his little quilt and pillow and spread them out on the floor. I showed him how to lay down and he was instantly happy.

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Tina said...

Sweet memories.