Monday, June 6, 2011

Season Finale

Our first tee ball season ended the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. We had a game Friday night and one scheduled for Saturday at noon. Our party was planned for immediately following our Saturday game. However, Friday night we found out our Saturday opponents had to forfeit because they only had four players in town. So we just upped the party an hour and had some big fun!

Here are the Clippers eating pizza. Coleman was thrilled to get to eat with the team.

One of the moms made a cute cupcake cake for the boys.

After they ate, Mitch called each player up and said a few words as he gave them their trophy. He made the kindest remarks about Andrew. Mitch chose an awesome trophy for the team. I was expecting a little brass thing, but he selected a pewter tee ball player hitting the ball off the tee. Andrew loved it.

Andrew and Coach Mitch. Talk about someone setting the bar high. If we have coaches in the future that come close to Mitch we will be very happy.

So after we made the team pictures, the boys played a fun game, five on five. The older brothers and sisters in attendance played too. Mitch played catcher and Brent and Matt played in the field. You can see Brent in the middle of the pic below behind second base. They played "for real" making outs and keeping score. Two innings later we had some hot, tired, happy boys and daddies. It was so much fun.

Then Mitch sent his oldest son to his truck to get a surprise for the players. Reid came back with water balloons for the boys to throw at Mitch. He stood against the backstop and the players got to try and get him wet. They had a blast, but Mitch stayed dry. He told them to work on their throwing over the summer.

Cupcakes were the final part of our party.

What a great season we had! We can't wait for next year!

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