Thursday, June 30, 2011

Music Camp 2011

This week was music camp for the two bigger boys. We look forward to this every summer, and Mrs. Pam did not disappoint! This year's camp was "The Great Bear Adventure" and the boys were to bring their teddy bears with them each night. Andrew remembered a lot of the music and keyboarding from last summer, which is a testimony to Mrs. Pam's great teaching and effective style. Coleman was just so excited to get to play the keyboard he could hardly stand it! He worked very hard to play the songs just like Andrew.

There are always lots of different movement and rhythm activities. Here they are with their bears flying some kites.

The camp is based on a story of a bear named Bartok who is on an adventure to discover what the yellow glow at the top of the mountain in his forest is.

They played lots of instruments again this year, including those naughty tambourines. Mrs. Pam had the boys and girls "glue" their hands to their knees and promise that no matter what the tambourines told them to do, they would not let their hands come off their knees until the music started. Check out Coleman's huge grin.

The music started off like little bitty raindrops.

And by the end of the song there was thunder and lightning! Check out those yahoos banging away!
They also practiced walking on these drums. The first night everyone was falling all over the place, but having a great time. The second time they used them, the kids did tons better. Coleman kept saying, "You really have to balance on these drums!" in his very best serious tone. Andrew was trying to lap the other kids in the class.

It was a great week! We are thrilled that Andrew will be starting classes with Mrs. Pam this fall. He is beyond excited. We are so glad that music camp is part of our summer calendar.

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