Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Father's Day morning got off to an early, sneaky start around here. Here are the yahoos making monkey bread for a surprise for Brent. I love how Jonathan is right there with his big brothers, how Andrew looks so old, and how Coleman is smiling like he's been given a thousand dollars.

Once the monkey bread was in the oven, they took their gifts and went to wake Brent up. For some reason, he didn't want a picture made before he got out of bed, but here are the boys anyway.
We let him get dressed and then went into the living room to open some gifts.

This is a tie that Coleman made for him in preschool this year. We saved it until that morning. It has a sweet poem about daddies on it.

Coleman and Jon Jon each gave Brent a new shirt and tie. Coleman, in his typical style, loved and loved on Brent and kept telling him, "Happy Father's Day Daddy!"

Andrew gave Brent a statue of himself in his tee ball uniform. It looks great in Brent's office.

Here are all the monkeys and their bread.

We went to church, ate lunch and took naps. Then Gigi and Papack and Nana and Pop-O came for a cookout. Brent grilled the best hamburgers and hotdogs. We had wilted slaw, potato salad and chips. For dessert Brent asked for brownies, and we also had some Blue Bell. It was delicious! Here are Pop-O and Papack opening their gifts.

And, we had a very cold, very sweet watermelon from Baxley, GA. On our trip earlier in the week, we stopped at a produce stand in Baxley on the way home. We got some tomatoes and cantaloupe and a watermelon. It was so good!

And here are the yahoos with their grandfathers and their daddy. You can see Jonathan was done celebrating by this point.

I think everyone enjoyed the day. We had a fun time celebrating all our fathers, and we are so thankful for each of you.

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