Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Visit to Cookeville

Last weekend, we took a trip to visit our cousins in Tennessee. The boys were very excited about our break from our routine. Coleman especially was about to pop! We left after preschool hoping the boys could get a nap in the car. I think Jonathan slept for about thirty minutes the entire way. So needless to say, they all slept well that night. Here are some pictures of our fun.

Friday night, we ate supper and enjoyed playing with Amelia, Lily, and Nolan. Here's a cute shot of Amelia and Jonathan reading on the couch. JonJon was getting over a cold or something and wasn't quite himself until Saturday night.

Andrew and Coleman got to sleep in the room with the bunk beds, and boy were they excited! Here's a picture of Andrew in the top bunk. A lot of the weekend, we could find the four oldest cousins piled up there playing together.

For breakfast Saturday morning we had biscuits. Then everyone got ready for the day while Jonathan got his morning nap.

When Jonathan was ready, we loaded up and headed to the children's museum. The boys had fun playing with different, new toys. Somehow, I got pictures of everyone but Nolan.

Lily and Andrew

Coleman and Amelia are our two artists. They worked at the craft table for a long time.

Andrew was fascinated by the physics activities. His engineer daddy was very pleased to see this!

They even had a small playground outside. I would like to know who these big kids are and what happened to our babies?!

We left the museum and headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Then it was back home for naps, and Margie and I headed out to see some sites. We even stopped for coffee/hot cocoa at a cute little coffee shop. Our plan was to keep the weekend low-key so we could all just enjoy each other. We were hoping for "play outside" weather, but winter decided to make one last show of itself and it was rainy and cold all weekend. So after naps, we moved the cars from the garage and let the kids play in there.

Jonathan and Nolan had fun in Aunt Margie's ginormous pantry.

Saturday night, Uncle Chris cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for supper. Then we watched "The Incredibles" together until bedtime. Sunday we loaded up before church, and after the service we ate lunch at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. It was really good, and a huge treat since we don't usually eat out on Sundays. As we were getting ready to leave, we decided to get a group shot of the cousins. When Brent put Jonathan down on the bench with everyone else, he gave his very best big boy smile. He was so happy to be part of the gang!

It took JonJon about twenty seconds to fall asleep in the car, and Coleman about three minutes. We had a good trip home, and can't wait to visit again. Thank you cousins for having us over! We love you all!

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