Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andrew, Age 5

Here's an post to help me remember what my oldest yahoo was like when he was five.

*Andrew has learned so very much this year. He knows all his personal information - address and phone number, can write his name, and can read! His comprehension is great and he decodes really well. As I teach him, it is like my former life is colliding with this one in a very strange, but awesome way. He starts Kindergarten in the fall and we are all super excited!

*He is super independent. He wants to do as much for himself as he can. Fixing his snacks, zipping his jacket, buttoning his clothes, bathing himself (with supervision) are all things he's very adamant about doing by himself.

*Red is still his favorite color.

*Star Wars has replaced trains and firetrucks. The latter two are still very interesting, but Star Wars is his current passion. He keeps his action figures and vehicles and books "displayed" on his side of the dresser.

*Each day after naptime (where he mostly just rests), he has a little computer time. These thirty minutes are probably his favorite part of the day.

*Karate is going strong at school. We are looking forward to getting a yellow belt any day now. We are also excited about the demonstration he will put on in May with the other students.

*For lunch he would eat a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich every day if I'd let him. Other favorites include Doritos, bananas, raisins, granola bars, collards, tacos, and pepperjack cheese. He is surprisingly not too fond of pizza right now. He can eat an entire Chick-fil-A sandwich and fries, and still be hungry. We've had two growth spurts this year, and seem to be in the middle of another one! The boy has a hollow leg, we can't keep him filled up!

*He still likes to pretend, but now he is usually Indiana Jones, the Lone Ranger, or a Star Wars character. Sadly, the fireman coat and hat are usually left in the pretending box.

*Andrew has really gotten into building blocks lately. He will spend a long time designing a very intricate city with the wooden blocks, or a village with the Lincoln Logs. Our favorite blocks right now are the Trio blocks. He can look at the directions and build the whole picture on his own.

*Andrew loves to be a helper. He wants to do everything Brent is doing. He has started putting on "morning clothes" lots of days when he wakes up. Brent gets up on Saturday and puts on jeans and a white t-shirt. Andrew wants to do the same thing. When Brent is working on something outside, Andrew is right there wanting to help. Last week he told Brent, "Daddy, I have got to learn how to do all this stuff you do so that when I'm a Daddy, I can teach my little boys."

*What a jokster he has become! Andrew loves to tell jokes, and has developed a silly little laugh when something amuses him. One of his favorite jokes is : Why did the sock cross the road? Because the chicken was wearing it!

*He hasn't perfected them, but for a five year old, his manners are excellent! He likes to hold the door open for me, and is very good about clearing his plate off the table after a meal.

*Andrew loves his brothers so much, and they adore him. He is a great oldest child. He and Coleman are the best of friends, and we are so thankful they have each other. He loves to make Jonathan laugh and he loves to hold his hands while Jonathan walks around.

We waited a long time for Andrew. Some of the waiting was our choice, and some was not. But every single minute of the wait was more than worth it. Andrew, we love the boy you are becoming. You are leaving your preschool ways behind, and are growing into someone so wonderful. What a precious gift you have been to our family. Everyone who knows you loves you. We are so honored and humbled God gave you to us, and we hope we can be the parents you and your brothers deserve. We know you will be a blessing to others, because you are to us. We love you, sweet boy.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above. . ."
James 1:17

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