Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starting Out Right

Just before naptime yesterday, the doorbell rang. We looked out to see the UPS man and a package on our doorstep. It was addressed to Andrew. I asked him what he had ordered, and he said, "I didn't order anything. Did you order something?" No, I hadn't ordered anything either. We opened the box to find a "Baseball Starter Kit" from Uncle Roger and Aunt MerMer! Uncle Roger played ball in the minor leagues for a couple of seasons, and still loves the sport. He had picked out some things for Andrew to help him his rookie season.

The box had baseball pants, socks, and a practice shirt. He had also picked out a NY Yankees tee shirt with the name of a player who went to Georgia Tech. There was our first pack of baseball cards, some eye black, and some Big League Chew! Oh the excitement!

Coleman was so happy about the gum that he wanted his picture made with it.

Later in the day, Jonathan was carrying the gum around and I had to take a few pictures of the cuteness that he is.

After supper, they went outside with Brent to practice for a while. Here they are trying to get the gum into their mouths. Notice the eye black on both faces.

And, Brent brought home Andrew's first pair of cleats last night. Andrew has already noticed how much faster they make him run. His feet barely touched the ground all night long.

Thank you, Uncle Roger and Aunt MerMer for being so thoughtful. We would love for you to come to a game or two, but we'll video some just in case you can't. We love you both!

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linda said...

I know Andrew will do great,he looks so grown up in his uniform.
He looks good on 1st base.He can catch and hit that ball.
love pop-o