Monday, March 21, 2011

First Practice

Andrew's first tee ball practice was Saturday morning. He was so very excited! The coach seems very experienced and very nice. I think Andrew may be the only rookie on his team. In spite of that, he did great on the field! There is a lot to learn this first season. Learning to think the game is just as important (and probably more difficult) as being able to catch and throw. He caught on quickly, and we were so proud of him for not getting frustrated or tired. We made a LOT of pictures.

They started off with a coach and another player practicing grounders and throwing the ball back to the coach. Andrew did great! Not a single ball got by him.

A blessed genius of a person thought to build a playground right next to the field, so Coleman was very happy to play during practice. He did wander over a couple of times to watch Andrew and then went to stay in the dugout with Brent and Papack.

practicing throwing the ball up and catching it

Jonathan and Gigi amused themselves by swapping accessories.

After a water break, they played a "game." Andrew did super in the infield. He stopped every grounder that came to him and threw them in the general direction of first base. I know this is blurry, but you can see the ball in his glove.

at bat - He LOVED the batting helmet!

Then they practiced running the bases a couple of times before practice ended.

Please be proud of me that I did not cry at this big milestone!! I only teared up slightly when they gathered in the dugout at the end and huddled up with hands in the circle and yelled, "1-2-3, CLIPPERS!" I just cannot believe that we have a ball player in the family already.

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