Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet State of Mine

We have found a fun, new blog to enjoy. You can find it listed in the bloglist on the right. It's "Sweet State of Mine." MerMer has finished her pastry training, and this is her newest venture. She is highlighting all fifty states individually with a characteristic dessert from each one. She started off a few weeks ago with Alabama's Lane Cake, and this week she brought us the King Cake from Louisiana. It's a fun blog to read as she gives the history of the dessert and the recipe along with pictures of the dessert coming together. We are looking forward to adding new sweets to our dessert rotation this year!

So even though we've never been big Mardi Gras-ers, I decided we would try the King Cake. I loved that she reminded me of the holy day Epiphany, and I was able to share that with the boys as well. Andrew in particular really got the symbolism of the colors, and the baby inside. I'm sure Mrs. Stephanie has heard all about it by now at preschool this morning! I hadn't planned to involve them in the whole process, since I'm not too confident with yeast baking yet, but when Coleman heard the mixer come on, he came right into the kitchen and climbed up to see what was going on.

The cake baked up perfectly, and was actually really easy to make. Just a little time consuming. I had told the boys they could help with the sprinkles when it was time to decorate. The cake was cooling on the pan, and I left for a minute to get something. Coleman came and found me and said, "Uh, Mommy? The sprinkles spilled! I am SO sorry! It was an accident! The sprinkles just spilled."

I guess that was to be expected when I left the sprinkles within reach of a very excited three year old. The floor had to be swept no less than five times to get them all up. So when the cake was cool enough, we used the sprinkles to make a pattern.

Here's a shot of the counter after the decorating.

Epiphany is the celebration of the wise men's visit to baby Jesus. So inside the King Cake, a baby is hidden to represent baby Jesus. Whoever gets the baby in his piece is King for the Day. Next year, I'm going to get a crown for the king to wear.

It was a yummy hit! And other than the insane amount of sprinkles, it really isn't that sweet of a cake. The cream cheese filling and the icing are not that sweet, so it really balances out well. Andrew and Coleman both loved it, Jonathan was just ready for his nap.

Thank you Aunt MerMer for sharing this with us! We can't wait to see where we go next!