Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

When Andrew was 18 months old, Brent and I went to Asheville, NC for a weekend away before Coleman was born. Gigi and Papack came to stay with Andrew that weekend. It was the first time we were away from him overnight. We had a great trip, and he had a great time with his grandparents. I was going through a stack of papers the other day and came across the schedule I had left for them that weekend. It was so fun to see and remember how our days used to flow.

8:00ish - wake up, throw bitsy out of crib, come eat breakfast

Breakfast ideas: oatmeal and blueberries or raisins, cheese grits, waffles with bacon and cheese, milk

After eating, change diaper and clothes (can stay in pjs a while)

9:00ish - juice sippy cup (1/2 water, 1/2 apple juice)

Playtime or errands - toys in living room, outside play, bubbles, reading and dancing in his room, strolling, "housework", errands, etc.

He usually "helps" me make our bed and do some laundry.

10:00ish-snack - chewy granola bar or nutrigrain bar and water

Playtime until lunch

11:30-12:00ish - Lunch

Lunch ideas: ham and cheese pieces, peanut butter and honey sandwich, chips/pretzels/fish/Ritz, applesauce/grapes/strawberries, milk

12:30-1:30ish - Down for nap. Read a story (he can choose), get bitsy and buddy and sit in his rocker. Sing Jesus Loves Me and lay down.

Sleeps usualy 2 1/2 or 3 hours.

3:30-4:30ish Wake up. Have afternoon snack. Juice/water sippy cup and grapes or graham crackers. He usually sits in the floor of the living room or in the recliner with me and eats/snuggles.

Playtime or errands - Same as AM ideas. Snuggle time is usually necessary as we get closer to supper. Cooking is another good activity. Give him some pots, pans, and bowls and let him stir in them. He can play in the cabinets under the microwave if it's okay with you.


Playtime - Have him help pick up the toys in the living room before his bath.

Bath - Be sure he puts his diaper in the trash, clothes in the hamper, and then puts his toys in the basket and lets the water out in the tub.

Bedtime - Brush teeth, he can help. He likes to have buddy and bitsy while getting his pj's on. Read Bible story and say prayers before going to bed.

They had such a fun weekend, and made lots of good pictures, but I cannot find them on our computer for anything. I also remember that Andrew and I had a weekly routine that went something like this:

Monday: Laundry and WalMart grocery shopping
Tuesday: Playgroup or errands or lunch and play at the mall playground
Wednesday: Bible study
Thursday: Storytime and play at the Children's Museum
Friday: Errands or the mall or something else fun

I am so glad I kept that schedule because I know I wouldn't have remembered all those little details of our life as a family of three. Such sweet times they were!

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