Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seen and Heard

Here are a couple of funnies courtesy of yahoos #1 and #3.

In my former life, my coworkers and I used to say quite often that communication is a miracle. This second year of life has always been fascinating to me as the boys' conversation and non-verbal communication explodes. Jonathan is beginning that process and is starting to understand so much more than we realize. Last night after his bath, I put Jonathan in some "new to him" pajamas. Brent was in the bathroom supervising Andrew's bath. I told Jonathan, "Okay. Go show Daddy your new pajamas. Go tell him 'Look!' " Mr. Cutie Pie marched himself right to the bathroom door and said, "Wook!" Then he proceeded to stand there and 'model' his pajamas. He held out his arms and turned them over and back several times. Then he started rubbing his chest and tummy with his hands. The whole time smiling and looking quite proud of himself.

*For the next anecdote, you should know that we have had several conversations with Andrew about the word "fat" and it's tricky usage. So far, he hasn't embarrassed us in public, but there have been a few close calls. The following conversation happened this morning. And please forgive my less-than-perfect parenting in the moment.

So this morning, Andrew, Coleman and I were cleaning up the playroom. Things were going well, but somehow Andrew got the idea to start being the boss of me, his mommy. I had corrected him a couple of times, but he finally crossed the line and I busted out with, "Andrew. If you talk to me that way once more, you're going to get a big, fat spanking."

I know. Less than stellar.

He replied with, "Now Mommy. What have you said about saying fat?"

Smothering a giggle, I came back with, "Well, how about a big ole spanking?!"

He said, "That sounds MUCH better."

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