Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strawberries 2012

We headed back to the strawberry patch last week.  This was Jonathan's first year to be a picker, and he did pretty well.  Most of the pictures are of him because Andrew and Coleman were busy picking with Brent.  The patch was really muddy because we were in the middle of a cold snap.  They had sprayed the plants with water the night before to protect them from the cold temps.  Usually when we pick berries, it's hot as everything, so this was a nice change!

 We picked three gallons and bought a fourth.  Andrew was meticulous about filling his bucket all by himself.  We made a yummy pie that night.

 And shortcake a couple of days later.

Our freezer is stocked with jam for the year and we have several quarts of berries in their juice frozen as well.  Such a yummy tradition!

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