Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Co-op

 We have finished another session of our co-op group.  This spring, Andrew continued with selecting classes that started with the letter "P."  In the fall, he took Pilgrims and Pumpkins.  This time he took Presidents, and Pinewood Derby Cars.  Here are some pictures of the excitement. 

The Presidents class was his choice, not mine.  I've said before that he is quite a history buff, and each week he could not wait to get in the car and tell me an obscure fact he had learned about a President.  Here's a picture of him with several of the artifacts they made.  There's a picture of Teddy Roosevelt, a stovepipe hat for Abe Lincoln, Mt. Vernon, and the current White House.  He's wearing a campaign button they made that has his picture on it.

 His other class was Pinewood Derby cars.  When the course offerings come out each semester, we select our top choices, but there is no guarantee we will get our first choice every time.  The derby car class was extremely popular, so we were very fortunate Andrew got in!  They worked on their cars each week, and then we had a derby at our OmniFair night.  OmniFair is like a science fair where the students can submit science or social science projects for judging.  They can also make presentations of memory work or musical compositions.  It was a great night.  After the formal program, the cars raced down a track.  Here are the class cars lined up before the race.

 Andrew and his buddy Scott getting ready to race.

 waiting for his car to come down the track

 Here he is with Mr. Joe and Mrs. Renee.  They were the teachers for this class, and gave trophies to all the boys and girls who were in the class.

When we finished the races, we had refreshments.

Mr. Joe made this cake for the class to enjoy.
It was another great semester with our new friends.  We're already looking forward to the fall!

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