Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Science Club

 Our last science club for the year was held at a different part of the nature preserve.  We were told to bring binoculars and wear shoes that could get wet.  We spent the afternoon birdwatching near a pond.  They started off making a bird craft.  This was the only craft all year long that Andrew wanted to do.  He's become quite interested in birds and animals this spring, so he really enjoyed the afternoon.

 When everyone finished their craft, we headed out to look for some birds.  Ms. Angela gave some quick instructions on using binoculars and then we scanned the trees and shore for birds.  It was really hot that afternoon, so we didn't see very many birds at all.  They were probably in the trees watching us wondering why we were standing in the hot sun.

We got right up to the shore of the lake and tried to see different birds, but all they could see were tadpoles and a turtle.
Then they headed back to the pavilion and Ms. Angela did a talk on different birds in Georgia.

It was a good end to an activity we have really enjoyed this year.  This was our first "last of. . ." event this year.  We were both ready to begin crossing things off our list and head into summer!

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