Friday, May 25, 2012

The End of Preschool 2012

 Jonathan and Coleman's classes each had several special days leading up to the end of the year.  Coleman's class had a luau day, a picnic day, and an ice cream social.  Jonathan's class had a bike day.  Here are a couple of pictures of that fun event!

 For Coleman's end of the year party, I was a party mom.  The other mom and I planned an ocean themed party.  The kids blew bubbles and got insect keepers for their favors.

 Corrie, in the purple shirt below, planned the food and favors.  She did a great job.  I picked up pizzas and brought goldfish crackers.  She did the table decorations, fruit skewers and a dirt cake dessert that looked like sand.  They had blue kool-aid to drink.  I think they all loved it.  I know Coleman did!

 Here's Coleman with our sweet Ms. Sharon.  I told her she's 2/3 done with the Archers now!

I was in charge of the "craftivity" for Coleman's party.  Thanks to Pinterest I found these handprint crabs for them to make on canvases.  Coleman loves his, and all the other moms were excited to take theirs home too.
So then it was off to Jonathan's party.  When I arrived, they had already had lunch and cupcakes and were just playing together.  I told Jonathan to go stand by Ms. Darlene and this is what he did.  Silly boy!

Then she stood up and we got a better picture.

I think they were all pretty tired because they started asking for the pillows and laid down in the floor together.  It was too cute.  Vivien even had her blankie and was sucking her thumb!

Here they are with their memory books from this year.  Jonathan is especially proud of his.  He calls it JonJon's book, and loves to see the pumpkin page inside it.
 And this was a surprise!  In the entry to the preschool, they display photos of different children throughout the year.  Coleman's picture from water day made the display, and then we got to keep it at the end of the year.  Everyone who saw it commented on how intense he looks!  Of course, if you know Coleman, that comes as no surprise!

We are thankful for another great year at the best preschool ever!

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