Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Opening Day 2012

 Gainesville is a baseball kind of town.  Our parks and rec department really does Opening Day right.  Last year it was cancelled due to a big rainstorm and muddy fields, but this year we got to enjoy a beautiful day with our teammates.  We all met at the fields that morning early for the parade.  Coach Joe had our jerseys and new caps for us, along with a great team banner.  Andrew and Lily carried the banner during the parade.

 Coleman has been watching very carefully this spring because he'll be taking the field next year!

 The teams lined up at the bigger field up the street for the parade.  We climbed the hill to watch the festivities.  Mr. Cutie Patootie wore his baseball shirt too. 

 And here come The Clippers!

 Andrew is number 6 this year.

 After the teams were introduced, they lined up around the infield and waited for the other leagues to get in place.
 Once all the teams were assembled, there was a prayer, the National Anthem, and the throwing out of the first pitches.  All the honoraries were grandparents of current players.  It was so sweet to see them take the field together.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love smaller town life?

 Then they released balloons, and dismissed for the games to begin. 

 We picked up our chicken-que boxes and headed home since our game was that afternoon.  Our sitter came to stay with Jonathan so he could take his nap.  Andrew started the first inning at pitcher.

 Coleman's very favorite part of t-ball is the concession stand.  He loves getting to pick out his treat each game.

 Up to bat for the first time this year.

 I love how when he's on base, he stands ready to run.

 Cheering on his favorite player.

 Getting ready to smash that ball!

I have some video from that day.  I think I'll do a movie day one day this week and just post all the videos I keep mentioning but don't ever show.  Stay tuned!

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