Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year, and had a super time with our family. I tried very hard to make more "people pictures" this time. Here are Jonathan and Papack watching a little tv waiting on dinner.

There was lots of great kitchen help. Here's Nana stirring Brent's gravy at a critical point.

And Gigi fixed the yummy cranberry salad again this year.

Here's Brent with the 2011 edition of his turkey.

Jonathan and Papack came to watch the carving for a bit.

And Coleman wasn't too far off either.

Looks like one yahoo is ready to eat!

The best food we've ever had! Wait, don't we say that every year?

Friday morning, Gigi and I got up before the chickens and headed out to shop. I picked up Cars 2 as a surprise for the boys. Here they are getting ready to watch it Friday night after their baths.

It was a great weekend of counting our blessings with those we love most.

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