Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Celebrating with Family

Saturday evening, the grands came and we celebrated with them. We ate supper (hot dogs for the boys, white chili for the adults), had cake, and opened gifts. Here are a few shots of the fun. Jonathan is figuring out this opening gifts thing. I think he is going to love Christmas!

Aunt Mer Mer and Uncle Roger sent him a guitar that has been a huge hit with all three boys!

He got a new Little People toy. Here he is saying, "COOL!" as he opens it.

An action shot

Nana and Pop-O gave him a Curious George which he loved. He snuggled it close to him as soon as he opened it.

Gigi and Papack gave him an Aqua Doodle. This is a great gift since markers have just been banned from the house following the "decorative touches" that appeared on the fireplace last week.

He also got a new game, some spending money, a book, and a tent and tunnel set. Then he got a bath and was into his new elephant pajamas from Granny and Grandaddy. We got some pictures with everyone before his day was done.

We had lots of fun celebrating our two year old. He loved his special day and was worn out at bedtime!

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