Friday, December 30, 2011

Preschool Parties

Jonathan and Coleman had their preschool parties on the same day this year, at the very same time. It made it pretty difficult to get pictures of both boys, but here is what I came away with. I was in charge of Jonathan's party this year. We had a pizza lunch, sugar cookies for dessert, and they exchanged a Christmas book with their friends.

When Jonathan opened his book, it had a reindeer on it. He immediately started singing, "Rudolph." I didn't know he knew that song, and when I asked him about it, Ms. Darlene said, "Oh! He knows all the Christmas songs!" We got very tickled at what a songbird Jonathan has become!

Coleman's party was down the hall and was a lot of fun too. I snuck out of Jonathan's room and was able to get some pictures of Coleman and his friends. They had a pizza lunch and then decorated cookies for dessert. Here's our boy and his buddy Blake.

Then they did a book exchange, and to his great delight, Coleman got a book about Mater's Christmas!

Coleman with our sweet Ms. Sharon

I'll tell about their favors and the sweet gifts they each made in another post.

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