Friday, December 2, 2011

Preschool Update

Coleman and Jonathan have been hard at work at preschool this fall. Many of their products are kept by their teachers and put into their end of the year scrapbook, but a few items do make it home throughout the year. Here they are showing off some of their hard work.

Coleman wrote two books. One is on his senses and one is about fall.

Jonathan would not let me get his picture with his pumpkin he painted, so I got a little sneaky. He loves to paint better than almost anything!

Here are Andrew and Coleman with their hands and feet turkeys we made for Thanksgiving.

And here's Jon Jon with a little turkey he made at school.

Here's a better shot of the turkey he made along with a family turkey. Ms. Darlene had us send in tracings of our hands and she put them together to make this one.

When they studied apples, Coleman got to paint a tee shirt with apple prints.

They have also made several puppets. Here he is with Alligator Ann, a bear, and Camel Cal. He and Andrew have had lots of fun doing puppet shows with these.

When Coleman is here during Kindergarten for Andrew, he always asks for some work. Here he is with part of a project that helped him practice gluing. He traced the numbers with glue and placed cereal pieces on the numerals.

This next picture just makes me smile. Coleman is practicing writing his name almost daily. He initiated it himself, and he works and concentrates so very hard when making his letters. He is a lefty for sure when it comes to writing! He has a great natural grip, and I think he'll be writing it from memory before the spring.

Great work yahoos! Daddy and I are so proud of all three of our boys and how much they have learned!


Tina said...

Regarding the picture in your house - is that a double sided fireplace?

Paige said...

Yes it is. One side faces the living room, the other side is the keeping room. And I'm trying to figure out how to send you a pattern for the lanterns.