Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Fun

We splurged this year and got a new, pre-lit tree. After 14 years with our old tree, and wrestling the lights on and off, it was glorious to put it together and plug it in. Andrew and Coleman helped put the ornaments on.

They like the clustered look.

Here are the pictures of the rest of the activities from our advent chain. There were a few things that didn't get photographed, like seeing the church Christmas program, peppermint milkshakes, peppermint ice cream with magic shell for dessert, and watching different Christmas specials on tv. Here are Andrew and Jonathan watching "The Polar Express" together. Coleman was in the recliner, but Jonathan stayed right next to Andrew and watched without moving until his bedtime.

We had Christmas pancakes for supper one night.

We took Aunt Mer Mer to see the Muppet movie.

We made lots of cookies together.

One night Andrew and Coleman made sugar cookies shaped like the Nativity.

While the cookies baked, Brent read the story from Luke and Matthew and the boys did a sticker picture as he read each character.

Then they got to eat their cookies when they came out of the oven.

We made gingerbread boys for Santa.

Here are the two bigger boys with the Jesse tree this year. Jonathan knocked the ornaments off every time he came by, so we waited for the picture until after his bedtime. I am pretty sure this was the only time the tree looked like this.

We also made our most successful gingerbread house.

And we made some reindeer art.

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