Friday, December 30, 2011

The Pink Pig and a Visit with Santa Claus

This year we did an Advent chain again. Each day before Christmas we broke a paper link in a chain which revealed a special, fun activity for that day. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, our activity was to ride the Pink Pig and see Santa at Lenox Mall. Despite their expressions in the first two pictures, the boys were very excited.

After we rode the Pig, we headed down to see Santa. We had a short wait in line and then got to visit with The Big Man. You'll notice it was not such a happy time for all involved.

Andrew and Coleman each asked for a Leapster explorer and some surprises. Andrew also asked for a pair of handcuffs. Santa gave them a reindeer hat and some candy before we left. Jonathan got his candy and even gave Santa a high five, but I couldn't get it on camera. Brent tried to make a cute picture of them in their hats. Andrew and Coleman cooperated nicely. Can you find Jon Jon in the photo below?

He's under Coleman's elbow. You can see his red hind-end poking out from the Christmas tree.

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