Monday, December 5, 2011

Celebrating with Friends

We celebrated Jonathan's birthday with his class on Friday. Andrew and I went right after their lunch and took cookies for the class. Here are the pictures from that fun.

Jonathan had on a hat/crown when we got there.

Here are Ms. Darlene and the girls. Jonathan had finished his cookie and was playing.

I wanted a sweet picture of him with his teacher, but he thought I was leaving him and started fussing.

Saturday was his actual birthday and we enjoyed biscuits for breakfast. He's not quite ready for the red plate yet, though.

Later that morning, two of his little friends and their families came over to play and have lunch. Here he is saying, "Hi!" to Whitley.

We did a craft, which did not get photographed, but you'll see later. Then they ate a pizza lunch. We had Whitley and her sister Abigail from church. Jonathan calls her, "Witwee" and talks about her a lot! We also invited Anna Grace and her brother Evan. Anna Grace and Jonathan are in class together at preschool. Jonathan calls her, "Ah Grace" and we hear lots about her too!

His invitations were a little tractor with a brown haired boy riding it. They said, "Oink! Moo! Cockadoodle doo! Jonathan Archer is turning two!" So we had a farm theme. Here's the cake and cupcakes we enjoyed.

Singing Happy Birthday, which he sang along with.

Whitley, Andrew and Evan,

"Ah Grace,"
and Farmer Jon Jon.

This is the closest he came to wearing his farmer hat.

Here are the favors. Everyone took home a Golden book with a farm theme, a bag of Dum Dum suckers, and their canvas with a handprint cow.

I think everyone had a fun time. I know Jonathan, Andrew and Coleman did! We took naps and then celebrated with grandparents that afternoon. I'll post about that next.


StefanieJMoore said...

Whenever Everett wears overalls he has to put his hands inside, too. :) Happy Birthday to Jon Jon!

Tina said...

Love the cake! You did a great job. Love the cow handprints, too!

It's funny that you would say that about the red plate. Eli was notorious for throwing his plates off of the table. Finally, when he was 2 1/2 we had a "just because" day and he got his first picture with the red plate. :0)