Friday, March 19, 2010

A Visit to Nana and Pop-O's

One weekend recently, Nana and Pop-O came and picked up the yahoos after Andrew finished school on Thursday. They took them home with them and we picked them up Sunday afternoon. They packed a ton of fun into three days, and here are a few of the pictures.

They visited Heritage Park and saw the Vietnam memorial.

feeding the neighbors' horses

playing on Mow-Mow

visiting the train

They went to Noah's Ark, a zoo of rescued animals. Here they are with a llama.

But the biggest hit was going to the ballpark. Saturday Mrs. Nancy invited them to come to the ballfield and play with Jackson. They got to have lunch and a snowcone. Nana said as soon as they opened the doors of the car, Coleman took off running at full speed. Both of them said this was their favorite activity all weekend.

Thank you Nana and Pop-O! They had a super fun time!!

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