Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayer Time

Every night, we read the boys a Bible story before bed. Then, we say prayers together. Usually this is a pretty quick thing, as they are ready to get in bed and we are ready for them to get in bed. However, sometimes Andrew gets a little longwinded while he's talking to Jesus.

Last night, Brent was with them when it was prayer time. They thanked Jesus for a fun day at church and several other things. Then they asked Jesus to bless our family. Then Brent asked if there was anything else they wanted to pray for. Andrew launched into a very verbose prayer of his own. Most of the time when they pray, the boys start every sentence with, "Dear Jesus, please help . . ." So Andrew prayed for I don't know what all, but Coleman was losing interest, and Brent began to sense that Andrew was really just stalling to avoid bedtime.

So Brent said, "Amen. Okay Andrew, time to get in bed." Andrew was miffed at being interrupted and said, "No Daddy! I'm not finished praying yet!" So Brent let him continue for a bit longer, then tried again. "Amen. Okay now it's time for bed." Andrew said, "But I'm still not finished!" Then he picked up with, "Dear Jesus, please help parents to stop saying Amen before their kids are finished praying. And dear Jesus, . . ."

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Tina said...

Hilarious! You have to write that in his baby book.