Monday, March 22, 2010


A few Saturdays ago, we took the boys bowling for the first time. It was hilarious! And exhausting! We checked in and got our shoes. To our surprise, they even had shoes for Andrew and Coleman's sizes. The boys were very excited about putting them on.

This picture does not look like they were very excited, but trust me, they were.

Jonathan was asleep when we got there. However, have you ever tried to sleep in a bowling alley? Needless to say, he woke up pretty soon after we started our game. He was very content to sit and watch from his pumpkin seat though. He is such an agreeable baby!

I told Brent he was not to take a picture of me bowling, so here's the only pic of me with the yahoos from the day.

The rest of the pictures are not in any particular order. Here's Andrew early in the game. The bowling alley had a ramp that the boys could use, and they put up the gutter guards automatically when it was Andrew or Coleman's turn to bowl. After a couple of frames, Andrew decided to bowl without using the ramp. But later on he decided that ramp was a pretty good idea.
Here's Coleman carrying his ball over to the ramp.

It was somewhere in here that Coleman decided to chase his ball down the alley. And then Brent decided he'd better chase Coleman. Anyone care to guess what happened? Yep. They both busted. Coleman banged his head on the floor and Brent was fairly sure he fractured his tailbone. However, he jumped right up making sure to smile in case anyone happened to see him. Cole cried a little, but didn't try to run down the lane again. I suppose some of us just have to learn the hard way.
Here they are watching Coleman's ball.
Here's Andrew trying it without the ramp. He has his eyes closed, but I think it just happened to be when I snapped the pic. It was after this that he decided he got better results with the ramp.

So here's the final scorecard. Look at frame 5 for Andrew! He got a strike!! And in frame 9 he got a spare!! Brent wound up winning, and Mommy made sure that the yahoos didn't lose. You might notice that I scored no points in the last two frames. I had some help with that. Just so you know.

And here are a couple of videos.

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Tina said...

Sorry about Brent falling, but what fun memories!!!