Monday, March 15, 2010

Birds' Nests

Last week the yahoos and I made some edible birds' nests. We had a fun time making them, and they loved eating them!

Here's Coleman stirring the melted chocolate and peanut butter into the noodles. You can see that, even though we have just started the first step of the recipe, both yahoos already have chocolate on their faces.

Then we formed the noodle clusters into nest shapes. This was impossible to get a picture of. It was nearly impossible to get the nests made without them being eaten, or at least sampled repeatedly. When we finally got our nests ready, the boys got to put three robin's eggs in each nest. Again, I thought this might not happen as they were extremely eager to sample the eggs.

Andrew was telling me that he was going to put five eggs in this nest because that is how many eggs are in a pteranodon's nest. I suppose he is learning something when he's watching Dinosaur Train. About this time I noticed that Coleman was salting and peppering his nest with the cute little bird shakers I had out. Had to put down the camera for a minute.

Here they are, all finished and about to go into the fridge to harden up.

The boys asked all afternoon if they could have a birds' nest yet. I told them if they ate a good supper they could have one for dessert. I think I could have served creamed spinach and beets and they would have tried their hardest to eat it. However, being the kind mommy that I am, I fixed tostadas and so of course everyone got a nest after supper. They were so proud of their work and super excited to show Daddy.

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Tina said...

VERY fun!

BTW I love, love, love, love the new pic at the top of your blog.