Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

We started off yesterday with some fun cards and stickers from Aunt MerMer and Uncle Roger! The boys love making sticker pictures right now, so this was a happy surprise at breakfast.

After they ate, I gave them a bowl of Froot Loops to use to make a rainbow. I was amazed at how well Andrew used his glue. He traced a little bit of the line with the glue bottle and then covered it with the same color Froot Loops. He really had much better control of the bottle than I thought he would. He did the entire line of red froot loops by himself. After the red stripe, he took a little break and then came back to it later. For the sake of full disclosure, the rainbow did not turn out like I'd hoped. He sat back down to work on it while I was occupied somewhere else. At that time, he decided to make a huge glue puddle on the paper. Much more what I was expecting from a 4 year old with a glue bottle. I was still pleased with his effort on the red line though. Just wish I'd have been there when he started to work again.

We also made rainbow cupcakes. This was pretty fun. We divided out the batter into six equal parts, and then added food coloring to each part. Coleman stirred the green and purple, and Andrew picked red and orange.

Then I spooned a small amount of each color into the cupcake pan. They baked up really cute! We put a small white icing "cloud" on the top, and they got to have one after supper.

Here's Coleman looking at the inside and seeing the rainbow.

This shot shows off the inside pretty well. They were a fun treat that I'm sure we'll make again.

And here's the Littlest Leprechaun and his daddy.

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Tina said...

Love all of your ideas - especially the rainbow cupcakes. I'm totally stealing that idea! :-)