Monday, January 11, 2010

Wrapping Up

So this is the last Christmas post for this year. I have assembled a bunch of random Christmas pictures that didn't really fit with any other post. They are not in chronological order.

The boys love these foam art kits. We made a haunted house at Halloween, and Coleman still asks to make another " 'pooky house". Here they are making a Christmas train. We also made a Christmas tree that I didn't get pictures of.

Like every other family on the planet, we did the gingerbread house kit too.

These are group pictures from Christmas with my family.
Meredith, Roger and Major

the Archers

the whole gang

Gigi and Papack

Sir Andrew

the Archers by the front door

Andrew got Cootie from Santa. Here is our first playing of it during family game night.

enjoying their "camping bags" from Aunt MerMer and Uncle Roger

Andrew with a cute banner he made at school.

Coleman waiting on some Christmas cookies to bake.

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Tina said...

Great family pictures. I love the one with Coleman looking into the oven. I like Andrew's banner that he made at school.