Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Party # 1

When Andrew woke up on his birthday, we immediately began celebrating! He had balloons on his chair and a special birthday breakfast on the red plate. I had planned to make him blueberry pancakes, but he asked for waffles instead. So I had to get a little creative.

After he ate, he got to open his first present of the day. A new birthday shirt to wear to school!

I had asked Andrew's teacher if we could bring cupcakes to class to celebrate, and she said of course. So Coleman, Jonathan and I showed up after lunch with the treats for the class. Andrew was wearing a special birthday crown when we arrived!

Here are some of his classmates enjoying their cupcakes.
Coleman was super excited about sitting with the big kids to eat his cupcake. Of course, Andrew had to give him a few pointers.

Andrew and his sweet friend Grace. They are big buddies. We hear about Grace quite often!

That night, Andrew got to pick where we ate for dinner. He chose Stevie B's. It's a pizza buffet place that is really pretty good.

After we ate, he got to get some tokens and try the games in the back. Ski ball with a four year old is quite hilarious, and can even be a bit dangerous if you don't watch out.

They both enjoyed the basketball game, and even made a few baskets!

When we got home, we had cupcakes and ice cream.

opening gifts

He got his first remote control car. It is a HUGE hit with both Andrew and Coleman!

They each got fireman pajamas and bedroom shoes.

It was a super day, and we're just getting started celebrating!


Tina said...

Love the waffle idea. His shirt is really cute. Can't wait to see what else you guys are doing to celebrate. BTW what is on top of his cupcakes? I also love your plate. I always notice it in your pictures. Really cute.

Paige said...

Thanks Tina! The sprinkles are Cars (the movie) characters. They are both loving that movie right now, and that has been our theme for our party stuff this week.