Friday, January 15, 2010

We Wii

For Christmas, Brent got a Wii. It was a huge surprise to him, and we have all enjoyed his gift. Papack and Roger helped him get it set up on Christmas afternoon, and someone has played it everyday since. As much as Brent enjoys it, I'm sure it is no surprise that Andrew enjoys it even more. He asks each night after supper if he can play the Wii before his bath.

So far, we've played bowling, baseball, golf, tennis, and some winter sports. Here are some pics of the boys playing with their new toy.

Coleman tried to do the bowling, but it's still a little abstract for him. He did a good job waving the remote around just like he's seen Andrew do. While Andrew does the Wii with one parent, the other one does something special with Coleman. I have no doubt he will get the hang of it before much longer.

Here are Brent and Andrew on Christmas figuring it out. Uncle Roger and Aunt MerMer were great helps in getting us started with it. They've had one for a couple of years and were our instructors.

One night I was putting Andrew and Coleman to bed and came back to find this going on.

Andrew has earned himself Pro status as a bowler on the Wii. He has a hilarious bowling move in which he jerks his knee up to his chin as he releases the ball. We don't laugh too hard though because he has beaten both of us several times. He's thrown the most strikes in the house.
He also loves the golf game. He really gets into it, and thinks he has won the game when he can get the ball to go in the water. One night, he was swinging so hard his feet went right out from under him. We both had a good laugh when he got up and was laughing at himself.
His tennis skills are impressive too. He has figured out how to "smoke" the other players when he serves. Again, it's something to do with a crazy leg kick as he swings the remote. Brent has yet to figure out exactly how he does it.
Here he is boxing. This is his newest game, and he really liked it. He smiled huge the whole time he was playing.